4.5mm Clear Cast Acrylic


4.5mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets: Elevate Your Laser Engraving Artistry

Discover Precision, Clarity, and Protection in Every Sheet

Embrace the exceptional quality and crystal-clear precision of our 4.5mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets, designed to bring your laser engraving projects to life. Available in two versatile dimensions—11.50"x19.75" and 12"x24"—each sheet is engineered with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring your creative visions are not just met, but exceeded.

Why Our Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets Stand Out:

  • Unparalleled Clarity: Experience the superior clarity of our acrylic sheets, which enhance the intricacy and detail of your laser-engraved designs. The crystal-clear surface acts as a pristine canvas for your artistic expressions, ensuring each cut and engraving is showcased to its fullest potential.
  • Optimized Thickness for Versatility: The 4.5mm thickness of our acrylic sheets provides the perfect balance of durability and detailed precision. This optimal thickness supports a variety of applications, from intricate art pieces to functional designs, all while ensuring the fine details of your laser engraving stand out. Dimensions may vary +/- 1/4 inch of the size listed to minimize waste.
  • Protective Film Included: To ensure the safety and protection of your creations, each acrylic sheet comes equipped with a protective film. This added layer safeguards the surface from scratches and damage during transportation, ensuring your projects maintain their pristine condition from creation to delivery.
  • Customization for Unique Projects: At DIY Supply, we celebrate the uniqueness of every artist and their projects. Should our standard sizes or shapes not align with your specific needs, we invite you to explore custom solutions with us. Our dedicated team is eager to collaborate and develop a bespoke solution tailored precisely to your project's requirements.

Elevate Your Creative Process with Confidence

Step into a realm of unmatched clarity and precision with our 4.5mm Clear Cast Acrylic Sheets. Perfect for laser engraving enthusiasts who demand excellence in both material quality and creative freedom, our acrylic sheets are the cornerstone of projects that stand the test of time.

Order now and transform your laser engraving endeavors with the superior clarity, durability, and protection offered by our Clear Cast Acrylic sheets. Embrace the confidence to bring even the most intricate creative visions to life, backed by the quality and precision of DIY Supply.

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Sydney Elizabeth Boucher

I've been ordering my acrylic here for few months now and it is always perfect. Will definitely be back once I run out again.